Excerpts from Cherished Wings

Cherished Wings 1943


Fran stood stock still, her fingers clasped around the cool piece of metal in her right hand. She wanted to know what Jack had given her, but rather than draw attention to herself, she slid her hand inside her pants pocket instead. She would wait until she got home to see what it was.

Cherished Wings 1943


'This is it,' ge deckared, holding up a rectangular  with anornate glass top, shaped like a tiered pyramid. 'Sweet, but not cloying. Just  like my Frannie Girl.'

Cherished Wings 1943


She  held her breath as she snapped open the lid. 'Oh my, Jack, it's beautiful.' 'Here, turn around and I'll put it on you." Fran stared down at the heart shaped locket with her initials entwined on it. She opened it. Then snapped it shut again.

Cherished Wings 1943

Brownie Camera

Rolling to the edge of the bed, she stepped lightly on the floor trying not to wake Jack. She would just snap a couple of photos while he slept. Pictures she could  hold on to during the long, lonely nights ahead. Kodak Brownie in hand, she moved to the end of the bed for a shot, then to the side...

Preview Excerpt from When Love Simply Is

'You were always partial to dragonflies although you never did say why. I guess it was just a coincidence she gave you that painting. 

'Must have been.' He shrugged as if indifferent. 'Since she had no idea who she was giving it to.' 

'True and I   suppose it's also just  a coincidence you happen to have a matching one hanging on your bedroom wall.'