Tome Tender

"I was completely enthralled with Ms. Dragon’s story, and I admit I choked up several times, because I felt I was there and saw the unfairness of life and the brutality of loss. Please do yourself a favor and read on past that last page, I got chills reading how this magical romance came to be. If you love real romance, or even if you doubt it exists, Cherished Wings  will prove out that nothing is more powerful than soul-deep love!"

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Bookish Madness

Review: "Cherished Wings" is the first book I've read by author Tracey L. Dragon, but I really enjoyed it. A historical romance partially set during World War II, partially set in a contemporary setting, a grandmother shares a remarkable story with her granddaughter, of a love she hasn't spoken about in five decades, a love that is so powerful it shook her entire world. This was an emotional rollercoaster of a book, but I really enjoyed it." 

Amazon Reader Reviews

  • I haven't read a romance book in decades, however, this one did not portray the usual tough guy vs tough woman, boy meets girl, boy loses girl, boy finds girl that used to be the story line. This was refreshing and thought provoking. It reminds us of how life was in 1943 in regards to those serving in World War II and the effect the war had on those at home. This is the first in the series and I look forward to delving into the lives of the characters I now know in book 2 which comes out in November.

  • I found this book fascinating- life and love in small town America during World War II vs life and love in that small town today. You would think that decades ago life would be simpler while the author shows that life during World War II was far from simple. I enjoyed the author's writing style, I felt that I was there in Albion, New York near Rochester during the war. Yet at the end there is a major twist that I had not expected which made the story even more meaningful. Highly recommended.

  • A story of the trials and tribulations of trust, faith and love, along with the value of friendship and the struggles. This book is a must read for those that believe that true love can withstand the test of time.