ASHLIE - The Navy Brat

Ashlie -  The Navy Brat

Ashlie - The Navy Brat is a picture book for young children. The story is told through the voice of a little girl who shares what it is like to have a Navy sailor for her dad.        



"Hi, I'm Ashlie, and I am a Navy brat."What's a Navy brat you ask?" It's a little girl or boy who is lucky enough to have a mommy or daddy in the Navy. My daddy is a sailor. He goes to sea a lot and is often gone a long time--sometimes he even misses my birthday and Christmas."    

NORMIE - The Military Brat


Normie - The Military Brat, the second book in The Military Brat Series, addresses the advantages and disadvantages of having a parent in the service--moving, new schools, making friends.


"Hi, I'm Normie and I am a "Military brat." What's a "Military brat" you ask? Someone special, that's what.  At least that's what my mommy and daddy tell me, so I  know it must be true." 

"As a Military brat I've moved a lot.  Leaving my old home and friends behind makes me feel sad sometimes. My mom just hugs me and says time will make it better. I'm not sure how time can give me back my friends, but if she says so..."

BILLY - The Air Force Brat



is the third book in the Military Brat Series. It is told through the voice 

of a little boy who discusses the pros and cons of having a parent in the Air Force--moving, new schools, friends and the absence of a parent.


  • Hi, I'm William, but my friends call me Billy, and I am an "Air Force brat." What is an "Air Force brat" you ask? Why it's a boy or girl who has a mommy or daddy who serves in the Air Force. My mommy says we are something special. My daddy says we are double trouble, but he smiles and pats my head when he says it.

  •  What's it like being an "Air Force Brat?" It's pretty neat, that's what. In case you don't know what the Air Force does, it flies and fights to win in the air and space to protect us. They have a gazillion airplanes.


MELVIN - The Marine Corps Brat


Coming Soon!

Melvin - The Marine Corps Brat is a children's book told through the voice of a little boy named Melvin who has a father in The Marine Corps. He speaks about life as a Marine Corps Brat - having a parent in the Marine Corps, deployment, moving, meeting new friends and living overseas.


"Hi, I'm Melvin but my friends call me Mel, and I am a "Marine Corps brat." What's a "Marine Corps brat" you ask? A super duper trooper, that's what! My dad says "I'm a "little grunt", but my mom only grunts when he says that."