When Love Simply Is


Released October 2, 2019

Laurel Richards, freelance journalist and photographer, on assignment to write about old inns in Western New York couldn't have been more surprised or stunned when Sergeant Clay Randall, the six-two, blue-eyed hunk she'd had the poor judgment to succumb to on one witless night during a layover in Israel answered the door to the Lily Pad Inn. The last image she had of him was his cute, khaki-clad behind scrambling to leave her hotel room at the break of dawn, never to be seen or heard from again--not that she tried very hard to find him. Now three years later she couldn't help but wonder what he was doing there--wearing a cocky grin and a white-flowered, kitchen apron no less.

When Ellie and Travis Johnson, the owners of the inn and Clay's aunt and uncle, tell Laurel the history of the inn she becomes engrossed in the elderly couple's love story that began during World War II at a U.S.-Based Military Hospital in Australia. As the story unfolds, Laurel learns that sometimes in the messy sea of humanity, love simply is. 

When Love Simply Is,  Is Book 3 in Tracey's Return to the Home Front Series

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"Every muscle in his body twitched then tightened as memories of laughter and heartache bombarded him and froze his scuffed boots in their tracks. Five years or a lifetime ago, he'd recognize the voice that still haunted his nights and echoed in his dreams. He was on the verge of leaving the much needed supplies on the counter and hightailing it out of there when the burlap curtain drew back and out stepped Ellie Bennett, though he guessed her last name was different now. He'd heard she'd gotten married a few years back."

"He picked up the sack of materials and with a slight nod in her direction turned and walked from the store. Dazed, he clamored into his battered vehicle, shifted into gear, and made it all the way to his work site before realizing he'd left his wallet lying on the counter.  Damn. With any luck Mr. Bennett would be at the cash register when he returned to pick it up. He didn't think he could face seeing Ellie twice in one day. The next time he just might strangle her. She had a lot of gall pretending she didn't recognize him. It may have been four years, eleven months, and a week since he'd seen her, not that he was counting, but he remembered every single, minute detail of the last night they'd spent together. The fact that she didn't ,cut  to the bone. Aw, shit. He sure hoped they didn't look inside his wallet."