When The Geese Fly North

Callie Baldwin, a former Army nurse suffering with PTSD from her tour in Afghanistan, takes on a safe, low-key, nursing job caring for Will and Amy Henderson, an elderly couple who are long-time friends of the family. The only fly in the ointment is their annoying grandson, Dr. Michael Henderson, who manages to get under her skin during his weekly visits.  

In an attempt to help Callie come to terms with her war experience, Will and Amy share their poignant love story that began in 1948 when Will, an emotionally and physically scarred Marine, takes on the job of farmhand for a newly divorced and bitter Amy. As the story unfolds, its beauty and richness transforms Callie as she learns the healing power of love.

This is Book 2 in the When the Return to the Home Front Series

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Paperback Release in December 2018